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Furey and Associates LLC is a small business focused upon providing professional and technical services. Our specialties include: Project Management; Environmental Impact Assessments; Qualitative Biological Assessments; Quantitative Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys; Resource Planning and Management; Grant Writing and Management; and General Technical and Professional Business Consulting. Company capabilities include onsite identifications and documention of macroflora and fauna using GPS and GIS capabilities. Knowledge, skills and abilities of the team cover a broad array of physical and biological sciences and include both land and sea regions' analyses. Company principal is a respected tropical islands ecologist with 35 years' experience in interdisciplinary resource management, flora and fauna scientific research and publications, and secondary and postsecondary science instruction.   

            The company recruits, subcontracts with, and deploys professional scientists and scientists-in-training to project locations within the Micronesian region. Most work has occurred in the Mariana Islands since this is our home base--Saipan Island specifically. Our firm is able to be contracted to perform in other tropical island areas as well. In terms of readily available associates, market research indicates Furey and Associates LLC to be the largest CNMI-based environmental planning and scientific research firm.

            To carry out our work, Furey and Associates LLC commonly develops both short and long term teaming agreements, particularly with Subject Matter Experts, and with additional environmental and civil engineering firms when conducting large scale interdisciplinary projects. The main core of our company however, is the assemblage of professional scientists and environmental specialists who work with our firm as Independent Contractors. Depending on the nature and extent of our project, company principal John F Furey invites teams of our internal associates to participate.

            A secondary company core is our dedication to carrying out an in house scientist-in-training program. We follow a safety protocol that no field work can be carried out by a single person such that whenever deployed in the field, efforts would be done under a buddy system. In case of an injury, a second person is available to render first aid and to contact medical assistance if necessary. Thus, we commonly deploy a lead scientist along with a scientist-in-training for each hour of field work at each location. While conducting their research, lead scientists teach and technically train their supporting person, actively encouraging them to learn on the job, as well as to conduct their own independent research. Field identifications of habitats and species are particularly important, along with photo documentation and GPS locating. Over the years, several of our scientists-in-training have developed their competence significantly and "graduated" to become lead scientists for future projects.


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